Breedon Golden Amber Gravel Maintenance Plan

Breedon Golden Amber gravel is a natural limestone and it is important that occasional maintenance is carried out as required to ensure the performance and looks are maintained.


There are 2 basic reasons why potholes may occur - either due to surface damage or if surface water cannot drain away due to lack of cambers or cross falls.

Repairs should be carried out as soon as a pot hole appears. Cut out a neat square around the pot hole and remove all material in that square down to the Type 1 sub-base. Fill the area with new Breedon Golden Amber gravel and compact using wacker plate or roller in accordance with our laying instructions, then water roll the area to blend in with original surface.


In the event of resurfacing at a later date, use a rake to scarify the top surface down to an approximate depth of between 35-45mm, whilst taking care to protect the integrity of the type 1 sub-base layer beneath.  This may need some effort if the material has been down for a long period of time. Once the surface has been loosened, discard the loose debris then a new layer of Breedon Golden Amber gravel should be laid, rolled and water rolled in accordance with our laying instructions.

Weed Growth

Should any weed growth occur, spray the area with a water based weedkiller. Never pull the weeds up out of the gravel, this will loosen the bonded surface.

Areas constantly shaded or only ever lightly used may be susceptible to moss, for these areas use a water based weedkiller or moss remover and apply this to the affected area when dry (and no rain expected for a few days) using either a watering can with a rose, a sprayer, a roller or a soft brush. This should take a few days to start working, then use a light rake to loosen the moss and sweep away, however take care not to put too much pressure on the surface and loosen up the Breedon gravel itself.


Always ensure that drains and gullies are kept free of debris to allow free draining of any surface water.

Winter Maintenance

For best results, ensure that the autumn leaves are removed from the surface by using a blower or a vacuum. Alternatively a very soft broom can be used to gently sweep off the surface leaves. Never use a coarse hard brush.

Surface Appearance

Breedon Golden Amber gravel scarifies with use to leave a dressing of surface chippings, however as a matter of personal choice, the loose chippings can be swept from the surface using a very soft broom to leave a smoother finish, however this process will need to be repeated as the surface will naturally scarify with use.


When ordering your self-binding limestone please specifically ask for "Breedon Golden Amber Gravel" as some of our market competitors use the term "Golden Amber Gravel" to promote their alternative products which are not produced by Breedon Southern Ltd.


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