Cliveden House Hotel and National Trust – Breedon Golden Amber Gravel

Both the luxurious Cliveden House Hotel and the National Trust Cliveden endorse our purely natural products quarried here at Breedon Quarry, Breedon on the Hill.

For many years we have looked after the requirements of the National Trust at Cliveden who use our self-binding Breedon gravel for footpaths throughout their impressive grounds and also Cliveden House Hotel, who use our hard-wearing Breedon Buff limestone chippings for their very grand driveway and car parks. Each customer had slightly different needs, but both found the golden buff tones of our materials and their longevity to be their winning choice.


The National Trust Cliveden covers a staggering 376 acres of land in Buckinghamshire, with 100 acres being formal grounds which are tended by over 100 staff and countless volunteers. It is a vast, impressive site, with gardens overlooking the Thames.

Cliveden today

Cliveden, or Cliff-Dene as it was named back in the 1660s due to its position on a chalk cliff has a colourful history to say the least and is probably most famed for the Profumo scandal in the 1960s, although many a Royal resided here over the years too.  Today the National Trust own the site and welcome in excess of 550,000 visitors through the gates each year.  A fairly recent addition to the grounds was the reinstatement of a maze!  There are 500 metres of golden Breedon footpaths winding their way throughout the maze – it’s a wonderful sight!  Cliveden House Hotel remains a glorious, luxury 5 star country house hotel, popular with celebrities and Royals alike to this day.

Why our products are the preferred choice

With the amount of footfall that this wonderful site welcomes, it is paramount that a suitable, hard-wearing footpath material is used.  It is also imperative that it is long lasting to avoid resurfacing throughout, not only would this be very costly to do, but it would be disruptive to the grounds.  Breedon self-binding gravel, when installed to our instructions has been proved to withstand the test of time.

Where can I purchase Breedon Gravel?

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