Breedon Gravel driveways and footpaths at Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey and grounds in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire are advocates of our self-binding Golden Amber Gravel.


Set in the heart of the midlands Newstead Abbey was once home to the poet Lord Byron.  Within its 300 acre grounds there are many lakes, ponds and cascades, which are fed by the nearby River Leen, it is a much loved wildlife haven.

About Newstead

This monastic abbey is said to have been built in the late 12th century.  The surviving West Front wall of the medieval church is a truly impressive sight, as are the perfectly manicured formal gardens.  As well as exploring the stunning Abbey and its grounds, Newstead also hosts a variety of activities and events for all the family.

Follow the golden paths

Breedon gravel golden paths wind their way through the established woodlands and along the trails and sit beautifully within their surroundings.  Wheelchair and buggy friendly this material is a must have for users of varying mobility to be able to access all areas of the grounds year-round.

A favoured choice

Breedon Gravel has been a favoured choice here for many years due to its appearance, it’s strength, it’s quality and longevity.  Our non-frost susceptible limestone means that when laid in accordance with our installation guide, it will give you a hard, yet natural surface, perfectly suited to buggy and wheelchair use.

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Photographs taken by @adavison.gardener

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