Project Daedalus – Breedon self-binding gravel

No project is too small … or indeed too large when using Breedon Golden Amber gravel as the huge project Daedalus illustrates perfectly!

Project details

Project Daedalus is a high-profile public open space provided by the local authority.  I & H Brown Limited were the contracting firm who completed the redevelopment of the Daedalus Airfield at Fareham and were tasked with installing 10,000m2 of footpaths and access roads to the public open space. 

Selecting the right natural product for the job

Prior to awarding supply to us, the contractor was tasked to lay “test panels” of various self-binding products on the market.  They were installed to each manufacturers recommendation and were viewed over a period of time in order to view how they performed. 

Why Breedon Gravel was the successful solution

Breedon Golden Amber Gravel was selected by the client due to its strength, suitability to the scheme and its pleasing, golden appearance, we are thrilled to have delivered our Breedon self-binding gravel to such an impressive and beneficial project.

Servicing the contract

In April 2019 we supplied 1,500 tonnes of our acclaimed Breedon Golden Amber self-binding gravel to this significant contract, 175 miles away!  We delivered the full tonnage over a 4-week period and despite the long distance, Breedon Special Aggregates maintained our first-class delivery service from start to finish. This is the second largest contract that Breedon Special Aggregates has supplied, the first being a contract for 2,000 tonnes of Breedon Golden Amber Gravel to Eleven Arches at Bishop Auckland in July 2016.

The completed project

These photographs were taken just after the installation of the Breedon Gravel pathways and the next part of the project was to sew thousands of mixed wildflower and grass seeds – unfortunately due to restrictions surrounding the pandemic, we have been unable to revisit to take more photographs but we hope to be able to do so in the not too distant future to see just how well this public space has grown.

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