Ready Mix Concrete Plant in Newark Launched

1stMix Newark 'Mini Mixers' now operational, delivering ready mixed concrete loads of up to 4 cubic metres

The new 1stMix site in Newark opened in April and has a fleet of mini mixers which are capable of delivering loads of ready mixed concrete up to 4 cubic metres. Specialising in orders which may be too small or too expensive for the larger ready mix companies.

1stMix is providing ready mixed Concrete in Newark for DIY, small commercial and agricultural markets
  • Small loads, up to 4 cubic metres
  • Our smaller mixer trucks means we can get to hard-to-reach places
  • Expert advice means you get the right amount of ready mixed concrete and it's designed for your application
Ready Mix Concrete Products and Applications
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Foundations
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Floor Screeds
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Driveways
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Footpaths
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Shed Bases
  • Ready Mix Concrete for Agricultural Use
1stMix Newark ready mixed concrete is providing lower cost and better value because...
  • Using Mini Mixers to deliver ready mix concrete means the trucks are more fuel efficient
  • Deliveries are contained within a 25 mile radius meaning they are all direct from our plant at Newark, so we travel less distance
  • Specialising in smaller loads means customers don't get penalised for part loads

Newark 1stMix
Brills Hill
Norton Disney

0845 618 8472

Ready Mix Concrete Newark


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