Bunny Guinness - Sunday Telegraph 29th March

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Self-binding gravels, such as Breedon gravel (from Breedon Aggregates) is one of my favourites (www.breedon-special-aggregates.co.uk). Self-binding gravels don’t move like ordinary loose gravel; they are fine textured and have clay particles mixed with the gravel. They are spread (usually to about 50mm depth) over a hardcore base and then rolled with a heavy roller while hosing water over the roller to compact it. The water brings the clay particles to the surface and seals the top. You can ride bikes and wheelchairs over it; even your high heels won’t disappear disastrously into it. My outdoor dining area at home is surfaced with it, and I love it. One of the parking areas at Althorp House is surfaced with it. A few people don’t get on with it though. If you walk from soil to the gravel, bits of earth all over it are difficult to remove and look messy. At home when I am weeding adjacent areas I use tarpaulin to cover it. Weeds cannot be pulled out, as this breaks the surface, so glyphosate is necessary and moss killers will be needed if you don’t like the mossy look. The old-fashioned hoggin is similar, being naturally occurring well-graded gravel with clay particles. You need to find a local source, as transport is usually most of the cost.

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